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Pilot Somfy TELIS 6 CHRONIS silver
Without Tax: £86.14 £78.96
With Tax: £105.96 £97.13
Pilot Somfy TELIS 6 CHRONIS pure
Without Tax: £80.76 £71.79
With Tax: £99.33 £88.30
Pilot Somfy TELIS 4 RTS pure
Without Tax: £26.02
With Tax: £32.01
NL40 LS 40 4/16 VVF 2,5m
Without Tax: £44.86
With Tax: £55.18
Without Tax: £7.65
With Tax: £9.40
SOMFY OXIMO 6/17 RTS -  12 kg
Without Tax: £64.93
With Tax: £79.86
Pilot Somfy TELIS 1 RTS pure
Without Tax: £14.36
With Tax: £17.66
Without Tax: £5.33
With Tax: £6.56

Garage doors

IN CONNECTION WITH THAT GARAGE DOORS we are drawn up on customer's request - ON VALUATION - PLEASE CONTACT E-mail or call.

Garage doors are a modern solution for demanding users.

In our offer you will find:

Sectional doors - open vertically upwards and are suspended under the ceiling. Thanks ensure optimum amount of space to park in the garage, as well as directly in front of him. Importantly, our door can be mounted even at the lintel of 70 mm. All gates companies are equipped with torsion springs and a solid structure made of galvanized steel so you have a long trouble-free and stable operation. Specially contoured shape of the panels gate eliminates the possibility of pinched fingers between the segments.

Rich colors and different types of panels will create a unique garage door.

Roller garage doors - the ideal solution for unusual garages. Manufactured from profiles of 77 mm in height. The profiles are filled with polyurethane foam with a thickness of 18.5 mm, which guarantees the best thermal conditions in the garage.

Garage doors swing - are a cheap option to close the hole garage.

Industrial gates (vertical, exceeded, oblique)

Garage doors
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